St. Petersburg in Summer

I went to St. Petersburg two years ago in the middle of winter, and can’t say I was that convinced. “Just like Europe,” they’d said, “like a Russian Venice.” I’d been to Venice in winter, and can say it was nothing like St. Petersburg – the rivers were definitely not frozen deep.
IMG_0808This was much better.
IMG_9956It was boiling hot! Over 30c for the first three days, and then sadly it rained. I loved it.
IMG_9892IMG_8132Last time I’d flown, so this time I wanted to take the train. I was hoping for the Sapsan high speed, but they were expensive booking so late, so I took a long, overnight sleeper, leaving Moscow Leningradsky at 1am on the dot and arriving into St Petersburg Moskovsky at 11am, ready to start the day. Tickets can easily be booked on the Russian Railway website.
train to st petersburgThis time it really reminded me of Amsterdam. Without the ‘coffee shops’, prostitutes or tulips…but the rivers and bridges, I suppose.
IMG_8081Just with Russian cathedrals.
_MG_0061There were lots of people (tourists) everywhere.
_MG_0070So much to see. Cafe’s were crazy slow compared to Moscow, but not expensive.
_MG_9942_MG_0186_MG_9805There was a tower to climb.
_MG_9845_MG_9866This was St Isaac’s Cathedral, and was only 150RUB to walk the 260 steps to the top. IMG_9851I wish I’d gone when the sun had been out, but it was still a beautiful view of the tour buses.
_MG_9859And, there’s even a beach!
_MG_0020I stayed at Hostel Bridges,  just outside the centre by the water on Fontanki Street. Not really a hostel, but an apartment with five simple rooms, separate bathrooms and a kitchen with the same ikea mugs I have at home. Highly recommended:)
hostel bridgesEverybody visit Pete; we love it!


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