The Best View in Moscow (on a budget)

Restaurants with a view from up high usually come with a high price tag. Here’s how you can go to the top of a Moscow City Tower, for just 175 rubles.
Moscow City TowersUnlike other mega cities, Moscow’s skyline has stayed quite traditional, with Stalin’s seven sisters dotted around, until you look over and see the small cluster of skyscrapers in the distance, with a huge shopping mall in the middle.
IMG_1687Moscow CityOne way to get to the top and experience the view, is to go to the Viewing Platform on the 58th floor of the Empire Tower. It costs between 500-700 rubles and includes a guided tour. The website is only in Russian, so I have no idea if the people working there speak English. Usually you can get tickets for half price on
Moscow CityIf you’re like me, I would prefer to spend my 700 rubles on tea and cake in a posh restaurant with a view. For that reason, we found Sixty.
sixtySixty is on the 62nd floor of the Federation Tower, and is apparently Europe’s highest restaurant.
sixty restaurantThe East (Vostok) Tower of the Federation Tower is currently the tallest in Europe, at 373.7m, beating The Shard at 309.6m – Wikipedia.
Sixty Restaurant MoscowBefore going, we checked the menu online to see if we could afford to go. To our satisfaction, we found we could order a pot of Earl Grey for two for just 350 rubles.
Sixty Restaurant I also decided to have dessert for 550 rubles as I was sure it would be nice. It didn’t disappoint, I got a chocolate fondant (my favourite!) arriving on a long slate beautifully arranged with strawberries and ice cream.
Sixty RestaurantWe reserved a table beforehand using the app GetTable for 17:30pm but I’m sure you could call them, as you don’t want to be disappointed. Sixty Restaurant Finding the entrance to Federation Tower can be a little bit confusing. If you are coming from inside the shopping mall or Metro station Vystavochnaya, you need to find Marks and Spencer on the second floor, and go out of the exit next to it. Then you will walk ahead and around to the left of the Tower 12 straight in front of you, where you’ll see the signs to Sixty.
SixtyYou go inside and they call the lift up to the 60th floor where you will leave your coats in the cloakroom, and then take another lift up two more floors to the restaurant and the amazing view.
Sixty Restaurant View MoscowWhich gets even better at as the sky gets darker, and the city lights up.
sixty restaurant moscowsixty restaurant moscowBest view in Moscow?


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