Tsaritsyno Park

We woke up to another beautiful sunny day in Moscow, so we headed out to the south of the city, and Tsaritsyno Park.
Park TsarytsynoThe park is open daily between 06:00-24:00 and entrance is free. You can also buy tickets to go inside the Grand Palace, the Breadhouse, the Opera House and the Greenhouses for 650 roubles. For more information you can visit their website.
entrance to park tsaritsynoTo get there, you can take the green line on the Metro towards the south, and get off at Tsaritsyno. Walk to the front of the train and turn left to exit the metro station, go under the railway bridge, and you’ll see the much grander entrance, than the not so beautiful suburb of Moscow where the metro is located.
map park tsaritsynoThere aren’t any nice cafes here like in the centre, just soviet style places with instant machine coffee, but tasty pancakes with plenty of honey. I love a cute cafe but Kristina wasn’t too impressed, “we are too posh for this cafe.”
Park TsaritsynoJust inside the entrance was a kiosk type pizzeria selling amazing looking pizzas, made in a stone oven, but unfortunately no indoor seating. Brr!babushkas parkPark Tsaritsyno is perfect for a nice stroll. Although you do need to be careful on the ice. We saw a granny nearly skating down that slope in the above picture.
walking tsartsynotsaritsyno parkI thought the snow and the sunshine made it look even more beautiful.
Park TsaritsynoWe even had English signs to direct us to the palaces.
English signs at park tsaritsynoThe Grand Palace was built in the late 1700’s for the Empress Catherine II after the Russian-Turkish war.
grand palace park tsaritsynogrand palace tsaritsynoCatherine II liked her gates and bridges, so many were designed by architect Vasily Bazhenov.
Park TsaritsynoIMG_7934I imagine that the park will look completely different in the spring when the snow melts and we can see the grass, the flowers and the fountains.
Park TsaritsynoAnd the poor ducks can swim again!
duck printsThe park is huge. We didn’t see everything and we didn’t even go in any of the buildings. I’ll have to go back again in the spring…


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