Winter in Moscow

I’m back in Moscow and it’s so snowy and nice. It’s been between -10c and -18c for the last two weeks and I have no idea how much snow we’ve had. Winter finally came!
Snow in moscowA few days after I got back, we had a huge snowstorm. I was walking to my lesson on the Thursday evening, the snowploughs hadn’t been able to keep up as the paths were impossible – like walking across the beach, and it was already up to my ankles walking in the road. With so much snow blowing at me, I arrived at my class looking a bit like a snowman.
moscow snowstormAnd it hasn’t really stopped. Some sunny days, and some snowy days, but it’s so cold that it definitely hasn’t melted.
snow in moscowThe cold and the snow has given us some wonderful Moscow sights. Beautiful, white, untouched fluffy snow.
_MG_7211Children being towed around while they sit on a sledge or blow up ring. Grandmothers wearing full length fur coats with fur hats to keep warm. Winter lights.
_MG_7215Frozen ponds. I even saw people cross country skiing up the frozen river, while I was looking out from the bus.
Frozen Chisty Prudy

Cute little snow ploughs to clear the pond.
niva snowplough moscowAnd people playing ice hockey. Or just running and sliding and falling.
Skating on chisty prudyBut of course it’s not all white and fluffy living in the city. Once people start walking on it, the white snow turns a kind of brown colour, and with so many people bringing the snow inside on their shoes it becomes wet and slushy. The city workers do an amazing job keeping it all clean on the streets, but sometimes walking in the entrance of the metro station or getting into the bus means you have to walk through some wet brown slush, which isn’t that nice!
Chisty prudyYou’d think I would be bored of all the snow, but I’m still so excited stepping outside in the morning to more fresh snow and the crunchy sound my shoes make. Especially as I have been reunited with my winter coat which is so warm I can’t feel the cold. Just my nose.


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