Last but not least, we arrived into Kraków Głowny, where it had finally warmed up, on another high speed Intercity train for 49zł on a superpromo ticket. We walked all the way to our hotel, as Google maps had no idea there was a tram line. Here we were staying just outside of the Old City, in Hotel Atlantic with a gym, which turned out to be Gym Atlantic with a hotel. “But we don’t like playing squash!!” we protested on arrival, as if we thought they were going to make us have a quick game before breakfast. They didn’t, but it was a bit strange walking to breakfast in your hotel appropriate ‘pyjamas’ while there were people having a 7am workout.

booking.com_MG_7082Our room was a little more compact than we had been getting used to, but finally it was warm. We even turned the heating off! No more layers. We had dinner in Smaki Gruzji, a nice Georgian restaurant around the corner, got snacks for our big day out, before getting a nice early night ready for our 9:10am bus to Oswiecim the next morning.
_MG_7139It was our last proper night together, so we decided we’d go out out and sample some of Poland’s finest vodka. It was Krakow, it was big and touristy, with people in the street trying to get you into their bar or restaurant, so there must be some people out on a Thursday night in January. The next day we learnt that Krakow is a student city – most of them aren’t back yet – so it was a little quiet but we still managed to find a busy place and have a good time.
_MG_7091A slow start the next day, we looked around the old town, and the huge market square. Too huge to get into one photo. It had buildings all around the edge, and then a market building in the middle, which reminded me of Covent Garden.
_MG_7146After the beautiful, peaceful cities of Gdansk and Warsaw, the people in Krakow were a little bit annoying (or we were too tired).
_MG_7143Every two minutes someone wanted you to eat in their restaurant, to go on their city tour, or to get in their beautifully dressed horse and carriage.
_MG_7157We did find some lovely cafes to stop for sandwiches, cupcakes and lattes, always the best part of the day.
IMG_4860And we had a lovely walk around, looking in some of the arty shops.
_MG_7154Krakow was yet another beautiful Polish city, although a little too touristy for me.
_MG_7150The end of our trip had already come, yet it felt like we had done so much in just seven days. Poland was so much more amazing than we had ever imagined and we would recommend it to everyone. Therese left me early the next morning to fly back to Norway, and I took an evening bus via Ukraine back to Moscow.

Until next time…


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