On to Warsaw

We checked out of Villa Anna in Gdańsk and got the tram to the main station – Gdańsk Głowny. Our train wasn’t until 13:52 (only 49zł/£8.50 each) so we put our bags into a storage locker for 8zł (£1.39) and went for a final walk around Gdańsk and to get train snacks.
Gdansk Glowny Railway StationWe had planned to go to Auschwitz while we were in Kraków but we hadn’t realised the significance of WW2 on the whole of Poland. We saw this statue outside the station, which read: “Dedicated to the Jewish children of the Kindertransports from the free city of Gdańsk 1939 who were rescued from German nazi persecution by leaving for Britain without their parents so their lives could be saved”.
Jewish Memorial Gdansk Glowny Railway StationI’d downloaded the book, A Girl From Krakow, to read during our trip, which was interesting to understand the struggle Jewish people from Poland had during the war, and the links between different cities such as Berlin, Krakow, Lvov and Moscow.
Gdansk Glowny Railway StationOur beautiful, high speed, PKP Intercity train arrived on time, we found our comfortable seats and were delighted when we were offered a free tea or water. Could this train ride be any better?!
PKP Intercity Train Krakow to WarsawWe arrived into Warsaw Centralna three hours later. We took two steps outside, and had the coldest wind in our faces, so we stepped straight back in. We worked out which direction we were supposed to be going in, from the inside, and then set off once more. We took the tram two stops, although it wasn’t too far along a busy main road, to Hotel MDM City Centre and our big twin room. We dropped off our bags and decided that the Czech restaurant – U Szwejka right next door/under our hotel would be perfect for dinner.booking.com U Szwejka dessert We had huge portions, wine, dessert and free cherry shots for just 98zł for both of us (£17.00). Not bad.
U Szwejka BillBreakfast wasn’t included in this hotel, so the next morning we went to the Art Cafe – MiTo, next to where we had dinner. Learning Russian has meant that I could mostly read the Polish menu which was nice, so Therese had porridge, and I had yoghurt with granola.
MiTo Art Cafe Breakfast PorridgeIt was snowing a little bit outside, we had lovely wifi, and were warm so we didn’t really want to leave. But decided we must go and see the Old Town of Warsaw. We took the metro this time, as Politechnika station was at the end of the street, and got off at Ratusz Arsenał. We followed the tram lines to the walls of the Old Town, and saw some Christmas Market huts selling honey, jewellery, lollipops etc.
Warsaw Christmas Markets Lollipops Warsaw Christmas MarketsWe turned the corner, and realised that Warsaw was just as beautiful as Gdańsk.
Old Town Warsaw Christmas TreeLots of little, cobbled streets to wander through.
Old Town Warsaw Old Town WarsawNice churches to warm up inside.
Old Town WarsawAnd then the Old Market Square.
Old Market Square Warsaw Stacja RynekOld Market Square Warsaw Stacja RynekWe thought a mulled wine would be a nice way to warm up. We questioned the very serious man selling it, who told us the place to go out at night was called Parkingowa Street, which we tried later that evening.
Warsaw Mulled Wine Christmas MarketThe mulled wine was lovely, but we soon realised you have to walk a bit slower to drink it, and you can’t go into any shops to keep warm.
Old Town Warsaw Entrance Old Town Warsaw Walls Old Town WarsawMore colourful, painted buildings.
Old Town Warsaw Old Market Square Warsaw Stacja RynekNext was soup time, and back to the hotel to warm up before going out in Parkingowa.
As we were leaving the old town, we spotted a tower. I got to practise my Polish, as the man selling the tickets didn’t seem to speak English. What a view..
Old Town Warsaw View from TowerOld Town Warsaw View from TowerOld Town Warsaw ViewThat evening, we tried Parking Bar, decorated with tyre swings for seats in the window and mini jam jars as shot glasses. Apparently we were lucky – the following day was a holiday, so our Tuesday night was really busy, and we were listening to Warsaw’s best DJ – Ptaki. Enjoy:)


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