Gdansk and Sopot

Gdańsk is part of the tri-city which includes Sopot and Gdynia. One thousand year old Gdańsk isn’t known for it’s nightlife, but apparently Sopot is the place to go. We weren’t convinced the nightlife would be much better than Gdańsk when it was -16c and just after New Year, so we ventured out during the day to see the sea. We took the train from Gdańsk Głowny for 4zł (£0.70) each way.
Train Gdansk to Sopot

We got off the train not expecting much, but soon got excited seeing the main street leading down to the beach.
SopotComplete with warm churches…just popping in.
SopotLots of cafes, shops, restaurants, and a strange wobbly building.
SopotWe soon spotted a tower…
Sopot LighthouseSopot’s Lighthouse was only 5zł (£0.87) to climb, you get a certificate on completion, and the boy working there told us it was “quite a cool thing to do actually”, so the only thing to do was to climb that tower.
Sopot LighthouseSopot LighthouseNot too high, but a stunning view of the town and the beach below.
Sopot Lighthouse Sopot LighthouseWe could see lots of people taking a relaxing Sunday walk along the beach and the pier, not too different to Bournemouth.
Sopot Lighthouse View BeachWe tried to imagine it on a nice summer’s day, as we gazed out from the tower, knowing that it was going to be really chilly on that beach.
Sopot Beach in Winter Sopot Beach in Winter Sopot Beach Jumping in WinterBrr. Off to a cafe for lunch, and to try some Polish food. We walked back along the main street looking at the menus, and then off into a side street finding a lovely looking cafe called Mocno Nadziane. They seemed to specialise in pierogi, which you could see being made on the way up the stairs.
Vegetarian Polish Pierogi Mocno Nadziane SopotPierogi translate to dumplings. However, I would say they are more like ravioli, as we don’t fill our traditional British dumplings. They even had a whole vegetarian section in their menu which was quite exciting. I had green ones with spinach and sundried tomatoes inside, and Therese had goose with maybe bacon on top. Mine were so nice and only 16zł (£2.78).
Goose Pierogi Mocno Nadziane Sopot

We got the train back to Gdańsk, and went out to an Italian restaurant for dinner, and after, a cheap vodka bar – No To Cyk (4zł/£0.70 a shot.) We asked if they had mulled wine (still freezing!) but were told just mulled beer. It sounded interesting and was quite nice and warm for the first half, but I couldn’t finish it.
Mulled Beer No To Syk GdanskWe got the tram back to Villa Anna and got ready for the next part of our journey to Warsaw.


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