A week in Poland – first stop Gdansk

Our knowledge of Poland before going Poland:
1. It’s cheap
2. Lots of Polish people come to England (and Norway) to work

I can’t remember why, but a while ago Therese and I thought we’d like to visit Poland, maybe because it was cheap. In November we messaged and agreed to go in January. We couldn’t decide if to visit Gdańsk or Kraków, so we chose both. With a stopover in Warsaw along the way. We found all of our hotels on booking.com and I got our advanced train tickets for ‘superpromo’ prices (49 zł/£8.50) online with PKP Intercity.
booking.com How to get from Gdansk to KrakowOn New Year’s Day Therese flew in from Stavanger, and I came from Stansted meeting in Gdańsk airport. It was already freeeezing cold even in our layers, and hats, and ski coats (I’d left my real winter coat in Moscow – oops).
Gdansk windowsWe got a taxi (it was too late and too cold to navigate a bus) to Villa Anna where a very nice lady (maybe Anna?) welcomed us in a mixture of English, Polish and German. We had booked a twin room, and were surprised when we got two doubles on the top floor, joined by a bathroom in the middle, and an exercise bike outside. Morning bike ride?
Villa Anna GdanskWe were just outside the city centre, so every day we took the tram two stops from down the road at Odrzańska for 2.80zł (£0.49) or 12zł (£2.08) for 24 hours.
Odrzańska Tram Station Gdansk Villa AnnaWe spent our first day walking around, and trying to stay warm. We found the Old Mill…
Old Mill Gdansk Gdansk

..beautiful (warm) churches…

Gdansk churches Gdansk

…stopped for (warm) soup…

Gdansk signs…and finally found the waterfront with the famous crane…
Gdansk Waterfront crane Gdansk waterfront boats Gdansk waterfront

…and lovely buildings.

Gdansk Buildings Gdansk waterfront Gdansk buildings reflections We walked back along the main street to the tram, choosing where we would like to eat for dinner, admiring the colourful buildings, each with different paintings on them.
Gdansk main street Gdansk main streetWe came back later to Original Burger where we got to sit in comfy car seats next to the radiator, and watch people walking past outside.

Our thoughts of Poland while in Poland:
1. Yep, it’s quite cheap
2. OMG why would Polish people leave Poland it’s so nice!!!

Next up: Sopot



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