Montevideo, Porto Alegre, and Rio de Janeiro

On a very tight schedule, I had one day left to get back across the border into Brazil, and onto the cheap flight I’d booked from Porto Alegre back to Rio de Janeiro. First stop on arriving in Montevideo, was therefore, my new least favourite place…the bus station.
MontevideoI asked at the first counter for the 9pm overnight to Porto Alegre, as I had found online, but was told there were no seats until the Saturday – the day before my flight home. Uh oh. Onto the next counter. Same story.
MontevideoAfter all the buses I’d taken, with no trouble booking a few hours before, it had to be this one. After asking the people behind the counter a million times if there was any other way, somebody finally told me there were always buses to the border town of Chuy. Phew. But they had no clue if there were connections to Porto Alegre – where my flight was leaving from.
MontevideoI went to my Hotel Viewport to use the wifi, and to find out some more information on Chuy (pronounced chewy). I found that there would be one bus at 23:00 every night directly to Porto Alegre, so I called the terminal in my best Portuguese (Spanish) to find out if there were tickets. Of course there were!
MontevideoLike Colonia, Montevideo was a lovely little city, with lots of handicraft stalls along the main street to the port. I could have stayed longer, but was a little worried about the bus situation, so I went and took the 3pm. This would arrive in Chuy at 8pm with enough time to do both border controls to exit Chuy and enter Chui (the town is cut in half by the border), and to get my bus ticket for the 11pm, arriving early morning, before the shops opened in Porto Alegre.
Porto AlegreI spent the day looking around the surprisingly cheap shoe shops, being very excited to be back in Brazil again. You could see the difference already in the tropical looking trees, the heat, and having to try and speak Portuguese. It’s not just Spanish! Before getting the afternoon flight back to Rio, the coolest city.
Sunday in Rio de Janeiro It felt strangely familiar coming back to where I had begun my journey two months before, especially the lovely, Santa Tere Hostel.
Copacabana Copacabana beachBut this time, I knew my way around, and I knew that no one was going to rob me.
Copacabana BeachThe plan for my last day, was just açaí and beach.
Copacabana BeachCopacabana beach. Where I hadn’t gone on my first visit because I’d had too much sightseeing to do. The whole road running along the beach was closed to cars as it was Sunday, so it was full of people on wheels.
Acai with Granola Copacabana BeachI enjoyed my last ever, delicious açaí com granola and got my final taxi to the airport.
Sunset Rio de Janeiro AirportTen weeks, nine countries, a full passport and a beautiful sunset, to end the most amazing trip!
Plane view


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