Buenos Aires and the ferry to Colonia

The next evening I arrived in Buenos Aires, to Esmeralda Palace Hotel right in the centre. I was still feeling quite ill to do much. I went for a walk around the huge, busy city, and enquired in the two boat company offices, on the price of the boat to Uruguay.

Buenos Aires Bus 59 Buenos Aires Traffic LightsAs I was staying for two days, I also did some much needed washing in my little sink. My room smelled so nice!
Hotel Esmeralda Palace Buenos AiresBuenos Aires
The next day, I took the ferry across the river to Colonia in Uruguay. Here I started to feel a little out of place.
Ferry from Buenos Aires to ColoniaWe had gone from llama fashion and bright colours in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and the north of Argentina, to people with suitcases, straight hair, and fake nails at the posh ferry terminal.
Ferry from Argentia to Uruguay
The boat only took an hour, and I put my backpack in left luggage to go to explore, before continuing on by bus to Montevideo.
Beach in Colonia Uruguay
Colonia was so beautiful and I so wanted to stay the night.
Colonia Uruguay

It was just quiet, and cobbly, and nice.
Colonia Uruguay Cobbled StreetsIt even had a peak. This beautiful lighthouse.
Lighthouse Colonia Uruguay Visita de Faro Lighthouse Colonia Uruguay With a view of the little town.
View from Lighthouse Colonia Uruguay Colonia Uruguay

The hotels were all really expensive, and most had no space anyway. Luckily I didn’t stay, as I never would have made it back in time.
Old Cars Colonia Uruguay  I went to the Artisan market – thinking there would be nothing new, but found so many more beautiful things, including a wind chime made from beautiful stones.
Souvenirs Colonia Uruguay

Aquí cervezas más frías que el corazón de tu ex

Here, the beers are colder than the heart of your ex.

I then sadly, made my way back to the bus terminal and got the last ticket on the 17:30 bus to Montevideo.
Colonia Uruguay


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