Back to Cusco

After my day at Machu Picchu I was asleep by 9pm and didn’t get up until 10am the next day. I had decided to walk towards HidraElectrica, rather than go back to Aguas Calientes for the night, as Machu Picchu is between the two. I stayed at a lovely little hostel where I’d stopped for a coffee the day before, about 2km before Aguas Calientes, along the railway line.
Mama AngelicaWhat a beautiful place to wake up. Right next to the river, with huge mountains in the background. And they even had month old puppies out the back!
puppiesAfter a morning of breakfast, watching hummingbirds, playing with the puppies and having the cat fall asleep on me, legs stretched out, I began the rest of the walk back to HidraElectrica to get the bus back to Cusco.
railway line from HydraElectrica to Aguas CalientesI think I must walk much slower than the average person, as they all assured me it would take 90 minutes…Luckily I left a bit extra!
_MG_4135Back on the bus, and we started along the worrying,Β unpaved road around the mountain. This time I had a seat on the edge and you could see the drop…
Road from Machu PicchuA few minutes after I was making a video of the terrifying road, we stopped. We all had to get off – flat tyre.
IMG_3303A lot of banging later, the driver disappeared to the little village to get help. One of the things holding the wheel on, was broken so the thing you use to loosen them couldn’t grip. I was impressed that everyone stayed so merry during our time at the side of the road. Laughing, singing, dancing, learning Portuguese, taking selfies. Two hours after we stopped, the driver finally came back with some help and we were quickly on our way.
caracolA long journey, arriving back in Cusco at 11pm, an hour after the bus toΒ Bolivia had left. Oh well..


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