El Jardin del Descanso, Mindo

Mindo is another sad town in a beautiful location, that’s become only for tourists. It’s a single main street, with a park, and some smaller lanes which run off. The main street is lined with hotels, restaurants and tour offices – offering various adventures such as tubing, zip wires, horse riding and quad biking.
el descanso mindoMindo is described as a wonderful cloud forest, with over 350 species of birds. Why anyone would want to help destroy nature on a quad bike, I don’t understand.

hummingbird el descanso mindoOne tour office told me about one of the places you can go to watch the hummingbirds. It was called El Jardin del Descanso, and was just up the lane from the main street. It was $3 to enter the terrace of this small hotel, which overlooked the rainforest area. They had sugar feeders to attract the colibris (hummingbirds) and bananas for the others. We had chairs and binoculars to sit and watch. Que tranquilidad!
hummingbirds el descanso mindoThe owner would hover around asking if everyone was having a lovely time, and every so often letting you know there was a woodpecker, or a toucan.
woodpeckerIt was very descansando (relaxing) just watching hundreds of hummingbirds coming to the sugar feeders.

The toucan was also very cool. The picture is terrible (I need a huge zoom camera lense!) but I watched him up close through the binoculars eating the bananas, and shaking the rain off of his feathers.
toucan el descansoI wonder why he needs such a long beak?


One response to “El Jardin del Descanso, Mindo

  1. I am amazed that you can watch humming birds which are so small but do not like being close to a butterfly

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