The Middle of the World

Just a little north of Quito, you can go to visit the line of the equator. Although it’s just a very touristy attraction village, when else are you going to be able to stand in the north and the south at the same time, or be at latitude 0°0’0’’?! What a geek – I thought it was so cool.
latitude 0 0 0I very nearly didn’t go, as I couldn’t find out if I could definitely get the bus from Quito to Mitad del Mundo, then from there to Mindo, and from Mindo to the coast. In the end, I gave up and went to the bus station to find out.
Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 23.33.17The driver told me I could buy the ticket for the 4pm, and take the 1pm for free and he’d drop me off at Mitad del Mundo. Then, just after 4pm, I could get back on the bus. It cost $3.10 and arrived in Mitad del Mundo at about 1:30pm. I left my bag with a man in a security box near the bus stop (nothing in it don’t worry, just too many smelly clothes) and went across the road to the ‘village’.
_MG_3291The village was $3.50 to enter and increased to $7 for the full package of museums, planetariums etc. I chose the $3.50 option, as I only wanted to stand on the line.
_MG_3270In the middle, is a huge monument with a globe on the top. The equator was discovered by the French in 1736, before GPS confirmed the location of the line, which turned out to only be few hundred metres off. However, “The equatorial line is really a strip about 5 kilometres wide that covers the equatorial valley called “Lulubamba.””
_MG_3276Apparently it’s one of the most visited day trips from Quito, yet there weren’t too many people on the line. 
_MG_3281At 4pm, I headed back to the security man, collected my bag and gave him a bottle of beer to say gracias. I sat and waited for the bus, which at 4:30pm showed up. It was completely full, so I was told to sit right up front on the only seat left, and got to watch us drive up the mountains into the clouds of Mindo.
IMG_2930 _MG_3295


One response to “The Middle of the World

  1. What an experience! I wouldn’t have missed out on that! Something about standing with one foot either side of a line! Did it at Greenwich and when camping at Gillwell park scout camp, as the line runs through there as well. Good bus journey back too!!!!

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