The Colombian Border Town of Leticia

Leticia is a small town on the border with Brazil and Peru. It was quite a nice place to spend a few days but there’s not too much to do – tourists here either arrive or leave from Colombia via the airport, they take boats into Peru or to Brazil or they do a jungle tour.
Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 22.54.15When I arrived with my new bestie from the boat, we were recommended by our hotel to go and watch the birds in the park at sunset. With not much better to do, and no idea what the birds would be (I thought I was going to see a few colourful parrots) we went towards the sound of the birds in the park and stood where the other geeks were.
_MG_2341At first there were thousands of birds really high in the sky.
_MG_2309Then after a while they were all swarming in to roost in the few trees in the park. No idea why these trees in particular – they’ve got the whole Amazon Rainforest, but it was quite spectacular. Not a great place to be a statue.
_MG_2338The only way to really try to capture it was by video. Turn the sound down – thousands of birds are quite noisy.

_MG_2387My last Amazon sunset.


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