Christ the Redeemer

I always imagined you could see Christ looking down at you from all over the city, but the first time I saw him was as we were coming around a tight corner on our bus up to Corcovado mountain.
_MG_1743As I had no clue where he was, I’d googled how to get there; train or minibus. Or walk I suppose..! I chose the minibus as it was closest to Hotel Santa Tere at Largo do Machado Square.
_MG_1750There was a ticket office to the left of these buses, which cost 62R$ (£12.60) for an adult in high season, and gets you a return bus ride right to the top, and entrance to Christ.
_MG_1688It was a bumpy, steep ride up with lots of tight corners but the minibus was lovely with air conditioning and the views got better and better around each corner. The journey was so easy I felt like I’d cheated.
IMG_1697Through the ticket barrier, past the shops, the selfie sticks, and the cafes, and more shops and there he was.
_MG_1715How very peaceful it may look up there…



A lot of people desperate to get a selfie with the big man. The most popular technique is the selfie stick, closely followed by your photographer lying on the floor.
_MG_1732_MG_1718But it’s all worth the pushing and shoving for that view across Rio and the mountains.
_MG_1720And a fresh mango juice.
_MG_1739_MG_1710Welcome to Rio!


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