It’s the Metro’s Birthday

On May 15th 2015 the Moscow Metro turned 80 years old. Since the first stations opened in 1935, it has grown and is still expanding every year. stations are much grander than others, some look very similar, and a lot of the new ones are very modern and shiny. Recently, they’ve been adding English signs into lots of stations, which hopefully makes it easier for the tourists. On an average day 9 million people ride it, as it’s cheap, and much faster than driving in Moscow’s traffic. And in my opinion – it’s the most beautiful Metro ever.
_MG_0604So what better way to celebrate (and stay out of the pouring rain), than to ride the circle line, and get off at every station (I know how to have fun!) I had a wonderful afternoon actually looking at the museum-like-stations which I usually power walk through.
Moscow Metro MapTaganskaya
Taganskaya connects to the Purple and Yellow lines. It’s always nice to go this way for a change to see the pointed blue arches lining the platform.

This station connects to the Green line, and Railway Station Paveletsky Vokzal where you can take the Aeroexpress train to Domodedovo Airport.

This has another huge mosaic at the end of the platform and beautiful archways which line the platform.
_MG_0423 _MG_0425 _MG_0426Oktyabrskaya
This is the station for Gorky Park from the Orange Line. There are some mystery stairs behind the gate at the end of the platform, and wonderful arched ceilings.

_MG_0428 _MG_0430Park Kultury
This is the other way to get to Gorky Park, by taking the bridge over the river first if you’re coming from the Red Line. Avoid the bridge if it’s a really chilly day.  
_MG_0433 _MG_0439 _MG_0443
This station connects the Dark Blue and the Light Blue lines, and another main station – Kievsky Vokzal. Here there is a huge shopping centre with shiny lifts where I used to get lost. The platform is very grand with beautiful mosaics showing Russia-Ukraine Unity and could be mistaken for an art gallery, perhaps.

_MG_0444 _MG_0447 _MG_0453 _MG_0456Krasnopresnenskaya
Here you will find Moscow’s Zoo and the connection to the Purple Line. The station is lined with sculptures showing scenes from The Revolutions of 1905 and 1917.  
_MG_0461 _MG_0463 _MG_0467Belorusskaya
This station has a beautifully designed ceiling, with twelve mosaics overhead showing life in Belarus. Here you can connect to the Green Line, go to Belorussky Vokzal train station or visit Starbucks in an office like district.
_MG_0473 _MG_0474 _MG_0476 _MG_0477 _MG_0481Novoslobodskaya
One of my favourites as it’s so colourful, this station connects to the Grey Line. It’s lined with stained glass along both platforms and the middle walkway. 
_MG_0491 _MG_0493 _MG_0501 _MG_0505 _MG_0514 _MG_0518
Prospekt Mira
This station connects to the Orange Line where most of the stations are a little ugly and have the exact same entrances. This one is nice.

_MG_0521 _MG_0525 _MG_0532Komsomolskaya
My favourite station which connects to the Red Line. I’m not really sure what’s at this station but I’m told the area is a bit rough.  In any case, the station is lit with huge chandeliers and mosaics showing Russia’s fight for freedom are on the ceiling. _MG_0549 _MG_0554

_MG_0559 _MG_0563 _MG_0579 _MG_0586 _MG_0592Kurskaya
And the grand finale – Kurskaya. Erm…beautiful lamps. Kurskaya connects to the Dark Blue and Light Green (Salad) Lines and Kursky Vokzal. It has a nice shopping centre (although Topshop had disappeared when I last went) and you can catch the Trolleybus number Б for a trip around the entire Garden Ring Road – just for fun.

_MG_0594 _MG_0596

Which is your favourite station?


5 responses to “It’s the Metro’s Birthday

  1. Borris needs to pull his finger out
    Compare Kievskaya to Bethnal Green…seriously

    Also the stairs at Prospekt Mira look awesome. Definitely do a London comparison version when you next visit – would be interesting to see if you can find some nice looking bits there!

    • Haha I think there are some nice vintage signs up in the Underground. And I’m sure I read it was originally designed for illiterate Londoners so they made them all different colours.

  2. The yellow one! Komsomolyslaya (?). I looked back at the flipagram that I did of the metro and this was the one I had most photos of!
    Notice that you didn’t include any statues?

    • Yes! I think we were there for ages! I don’t think I saw any statues on this route… Often they’re in the walkways between the stations.

  3. Thank you for the History Geography and Art lesson all rolled into one.
    The whole system is really amazing, I wonder what it cost to build.

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