Best Views in Moscow

Central Children’s Store
Just recently reopened, the shopping centre near Metro Teatralnaya is filled with hundreds of screaming children, but has a beautiful viewing platform on floor six. Take the lift up to avoid small people riding strange animal-cars, walk right to miss the food court playground and find the tiny entrance to the stairs marked “Bход” not the “Выход” to viewing platform one, and to viewing platform two.
Strange Animal Cars
From viewing platform one, we can see a very Russian skyline with lots of pointy cathedrals including my favourite ever – St Basil’s.

View Central Children's Store

And from viewing platform two, we can see an 11 lane road (this is the very centre of the city!), and one of the seven sisters.
View Central Children's Store

Time Out Bar
A cocktail bar on floor twelve of the Pekin Hotel near Metro Mayakovskaya. No children to avoid, but maybe some hipsters. Here you can see all of Central Moscow including Arbat and Moscow City while enjoying a mojito and some olives.
Time Out Bar Moscow

Sky Lounge
A little further out at Metro Leninsky Prospekt, this very expensive bar (drink slowly) on the 22nd floor of a strange science building, has an amazing view across the Moscow River, where you can see all the landmarks in the distance.
Sky Lounge Moscow

Sky Lounge

To be continued…


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