Back to work

It’s been a busy week – colouring, stamping, shopping…

With all my students I try to make their lessons about what is interesting to them. Some teachers teach Business English; emails, networking…I teach princesses and Lego.

Last year it was always dogs. One girl at the school called Alica, was obsessed with animals; especially dogs. She used to ask for lessons every week about animals, dogs, and once more specifically – Yorkshire Terriers. It was actually quite an interesting lesson; we watched a video on the advantages and disadvantages of this breed, and I got them debating over whether big dogs or smaller dogs were better. They were all very passionate!

This year I seem to teach a lot of younger children, which means I’ve learnt all about LEGO (always spelt in capitals like on the box:), ponies (girls instantly remember the word “rainbow” when they realise it’s like “Rainbow Dash” – the pony!) and dolls; I now know all the names of the characters in ‘Ever After High’ and ‘Monster High’…Ashlynn, Apple White, Hunter…

Dima once spent ages trying to explain to me the rules of his favourite game, drawing diagrams about lives and skelton piggies…no idea! Because I take an interest in their lives sometimes, I think they forget I’m a bit older. Alisa once asked me what toys I had…and was a little confused when I said I didn’t have any. I then realised my mistake and told her I had a bear. She seemed happy with that answer. She was also quite concerned when I admitted I was too big for Santa to visit anymore. Oops.

Alice, how big must you be for Santa to stop visiting?

I told the truth – eighteen! I then realised I had to be very careful what I said about Santa. Last year I was quite sure I had no believers, yet this year the magic is still, very much alive!

Since Santa’s visits this holiday, I have been presented with an ever growing collection of Loom Bands on my wrist.
loom bandsAll the girls are making them, but obviously running out of space on their own arms so are looking for people to give ‘presents’ to. I had to stop Tanya becoming young-business-woman-of-the-year; taking orders for her creations during my class on Wednesday! I’m still not sure about these bracelets – they pinch your arm when you put your coat on! No wonder they’re giving them all away.

However, it’s always nice to get presents! I also got this beautiful butterfly from Alisa:
3d penShe’d asked Santa for a flying skateboard or an iPad and was a little disappointed to receive a 3D Pen.

And chocolates and oranges from the Grandmother of Ksusha and Liza aka ‘my Russian Grandma’:
Russian chocolatesAs I’m leaving, Russian Grandma always asks me how’s my mum, and where’s my hat! Before filling my bag with oranges or apples.

It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it;)


One response to “Back to work

  1. Tell your Russian Grandma that I am fine! Busy planning my garden and planting. I have ordered my seeds this week!

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