How to travel across Scandinavia in five days!

By train, train, ferry and train…for £168.
Norway to Russia

But you could have flown it in 6 hours for half the price!

Yes, but that’s too easy. I love trains. And ferries (kind of).

Here’s my final itinerary:

Monday – Sandnes to Oslo by train – 04:50am-12:25pm – 350 NOK (£30)
I bought my ticket from the Norwegian railway website. I would recommend booking in advance to get a more reasonable hour of travel, as other times were costing around 850 NOK (£72). I would also recommend sitting on the right hand side of the train as it travels along the coast, over lakes and through mountains with amazing views. Second class was comfortable with a table and reclining chairs. Register beforehand for the free wifi on board!
Train ride to Oslo

I then stayed overnight in the affordable and staff-free CityBox Hotel close to the Central Station.

Tuesday – Oslo to Stockholm by train – 15:41-21:50 – 419 SEK (£35)
I bought my ticket from the Swedish railway website. I paid 419 SEK (£35). The train wasn’t busy so I shouldn’t have booked a seat and was comfortable with power sockets but no WiFi.
swedish trainIf I were to travel again, I would travel during daylight hours to watch out of the window. Travelling in winter doesn’t help as it always seems to be dark!
train station oslo

I then stayed in the Stockholm Inn Hotel which was also close to the station and under a cafe along the main shopping street.

Wednesday – Stockholm to Helsinki by overnight ferry – 16:30pm-10:10am – 11 EUR (£8)
viking cruise
I was originally  searching the Aferry website as I’d found the best deals in the past, but the best price I got was £83. I couldn’t decide if this was really worth it and nearly flew back to Moscow from Stockholm – but last minute I checked the Viking website.
stockholm to helsinki cruiseThe website had a Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm cruise advertised at 25 EUR, so I clicked through and found they were only charging me 11 EUR!! I then checked a one way ticket but that was still 66 EUR. I took the risk of booking the cruise with a private en-suite bedroom and the intention of not getting back on in Helsinki…after searching the terms and conditions which didn’t say I couldn’t!

The boat was actually really fun. People had already started dancing an hour before we left the harbour.
viking cruise shipThere were loads of restaurants, free WiFi! a man playing the piano and singing, a sauna, a spa and a night club. People were being thrown up and down the dance floor once the boat got out into the rough water during the night. Must remember to take sea-sick pills next time as I felt dizzy all the next day.

Thursday – Helsinki to Moscow by overnight sleeper train 18:23pm-08:24am – 121 EUR (£95)
I booked the ticket on the Finnish Railway Website. I could have saved some money by taking day trains and changing in St. Petersburg, however I’ve already been in winter and sleeper would be more comfortable.
I got a bed in a four bed kupe, sharing with an eight year old girl and her Grandmother – who had bought the whole of Finland in Tax-Free – saving a grand total of 124 EUR.
russian sleeper trainWe got a little bag with chocolate, a muffin, and a yoghurt, water and a roll:) and a comfortable bed where I woke up arriving into Moscow.
Happy new yearHappy New Year!!


6 responses to “How to travel across Scandinavia in five days!

  1. The idea to travel fast By using trains and ferries is nice, but what did You see during Your travel. I cannot comment other countries, but Finland. You missed many nice sites worth for visits. Two examples:

    Imperial Fishing Lodge.

    Sand sculptures 2014.

    My opinion is that slow travel with many stops is wiser.

    If You would have traveled in winter to the North, then You would have seen these:

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle.

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    Happy and safe travel!

    • Thanks for your comment:) Of course slow travel is better, but if you’re short on time and money there are still ways to see as much as possible, such as avoiding planes and taking the overground route.

  2. So you went back the long way! I will remember all your suggestions the next time I travel across Scandinavia!!

  3. Interesting about the ferry crossing! I just booked a Viking one-way from Stockholm to Helsinki for September and was 100euro all up (incl breakfast and ability to cancel and refund)… for a return cruise it is 45euro for the same deal… so wondering whether to cancel my one-way and book a return cruise?!

    • I can’t guarantee anything but nobody was checking people getting off the boat and I heard nothing after…so go for it! It’s a big saving:))

      • Sent them an enquiry email about booking a return over a oneway… of course – under a fake name… they replied to say “When you are not planning to take the return departure, please book one way ticket.
        Kindly note that passenger list will be carefully checked by border guard.”… so maybe I am best with just sticking what I have… as need to fly home from Helsinki..! Does seem bizarre tho!

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