10 Things I’ve learnt in Norway

I spent 5 days staying with my Norwegian friend and her family in Stavanger, Norway this New Year. Here’s what I learnt:

1. They all work in oil. Norway produces it’s own electricity from dams and sells their oil; people seem rather proud of this fact. Never in my life have I had so many conversations about oil.

2. They eat a big turkey dinner on New Year’s Eve with the family.
And are quite surprised that I don’t in England. With three days of Christmas dinner I couldn’t cope with another.
new years dinner

3. They get their post at the end of the road in a mass post box rather than through their door. I wonder if they miss the sound of the post landing on the mat. 

4. They are all fluent in English. After conducting a mini experiment in the toilet I can confirm that 100% of people tested spoke to me in perfect English, even using words such as ‘mucky’. Moscow has got a loooong way to go. 

5. They drive slowly… The target for road accidents is zero; the speed limits are low and the speed bumps aka “farts dumper” are frequent. 

6. It really is expensive. £12.50 sandwiches. £8.50 beers. £5 cappuccinos. Painful.

7. It’s quiet. There are only 5 million people in the whole country. I currently live in a city of 12 million!

8. They’re quite green. Electric cars can park for free next to their sockets.
electric car norway

9. Christmas and New Year and Sundays are respected holidays; all  of the shops and cafes are shut. Well, except one.

10. Norway is for nature. Many have ‘cabins’ in the mountains for weekends of hiking and relaxing. The view from the train was also amazing.
fjord sandnes


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