Maslenitsa in Moscow

I didn’t miss it this year! Last year Maslenitsa must have happened in April as we had Easter in May – making the May holidays really long. I hadn’t found out about the celebration until the Saturday when people told me they’d been eating pancakes all week!


Maslenitsa is the Russian tradition equivalent to Shove Tuesday – however it begins on a Monday and ends on Sunday with a day of forgiveness before Lent begins. Pancakes everyday for a week! Why not?!


I saw some photos on Instagram of a street in the centre decorated for Maslenitsa so went to check it out! It was all very colourful with the bunting, what looked like Maypoles and lots of stalls selling Blini – pancakes.


Here is one restaurant called Teremok building a pancake tower.


And the Maslenitsa straw doll. I believe she must be burnt on Sunday to symbolise the end of Winter!

20140227-071856.jpgNot sure I want to burn her but I suggest everyone joins the tradition and eats pancakes everyday this week – I am ๐Ÿ™‚


One response to “Maslenitsa in Moscow

  1. I do not think the doll should be burnt. Grandad is envious he would love to eat pancakes every day for a week says he would love to be there

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