Izmailovo Market

Moscow is always full of surprises! Anyone who knows me, knows there’s nothing I like more than a market. This market was amazing – even if it did take me two days to find it. Izmailovo market is not at Izmailovskaya metro like you’d expect..but if you do go to the wrong place there is another quite cool market all indoors selling food, clothes etc where I still managed to buy more than I could carry.


So if you want the outdoor market with all the souvenirs, get off one stop earlier and follow the path from this sign:


You then start to see all of the pointy towers where the market is.


And quite a few people speaking English. Tourist alert!




Russian dolls, Christmas decorations, fur hats, soviet posters.. I kept saying I’d buy on the way back when I’d seen everything but there was so much more to see..a vintage sale, trolley lady selling tea and vodka..


And lots more pointy buildings, some looked quite like the temples I saw in China.



I’ll just have to go back next weekend!


4 responses to “Izmailovo Market

  1. Oh! I love markets too, but it looks a bit chilly there! Jared wants some posters for Christmas perhaps you could get him one from there?

  2. Hello

    We’re a class of 6 and 7 year olds in Norfolk, UK, and found your blog while looking for blogs from all the different continents of the world.

    Our topic for this term is adventurers and explorers. We’re trying to get as many visits to our blog as possible from different parts of the world, and would love a visit from Russia if you have the time. Our blog is at http://lpsmrslater2013.primaryblogger.co.uk

    From Robins Class @ Lingwood Primary School, Norfolk, UK

  3. Hello Alice

    Thank you for your message from Russia – Year 2 were very excited to read it and would love to write some letters to your students and then receive some letters back.

    Is there anything your students would particularly like the children to write about? We’re currently doing a topic about adventurers and explorers and I’m sure there are lots of things they’d like to ask about your part of Russia.

    Also, how would you like to swap letters? Would email be okay, as we can either scan in what the children write and attach it to an email, or type up what they write? Or maybe each letter could be a blog post that your students could reply to? Please let us know what suits you best.

    Thanks again,

    Year 2 – Robins Class – Lingwood Primary School, Norfolk, UK.

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