Junk to Lamma Island

The perfect way to start my last weekend in Hong Kong – a night cruise on a ‘junk’ to the tiny island of Lamma.
hong kong night

But what is a junk?!

  • A flat-bottomed sailing vessel typical in China and the East Indies, with a prominent stem, a high stern, and lugsails.

junk hong kong

When I first heard about a ‘junk’ I imagined a huge boat, maybe like a small ferry with a few groups of people sitting around tables. The other day Aniela pointed one out to me which looked like a tiny rowing boat and said that’s what we’re going on.. hmm!
hong kong nightLuckily it turned out to be a much bigger boat just for us seven people. We got to see all the lights again, which was waaay better than the Star Ferry – named as one of the top “50 experiences of a life time” (The National Geographic Traveler).
DSC_0032Was quite rocky though, and a long way to Lamma so I did start to feel a little bit ‘dizzy’. So I went and sat up the front in the open air and felt much better – just me, the sea and the stars..

What's for dinner?!

What’s for dinner?!

We went to the Rainbow Seafood restaurant which was huge – lots of big round tables with plastic chairs to eat Chinese style; ordering lots of food to share.
We had the set menu of about 8 different dishes which were all so nice. Lobster, crab, steamed fish, prawns, fried squid and something in a shell all cooked with Chinese amazing sauces.
PhotoGrid_1372466209445It was really busy when we first arrived but soon emptied as everyone must have had boats to catch. Having private transport means you can be the last in the restaurant – finishing the crab when everyone else had given up..
DSC_0064I didn’t even notice I had wine to drink as I was so busy cracking into my crabs and lobsters!



4 responses to “Junk to Lamma Island

  1. Wow! The boat trip looks amazing, not so sure about all that fish! Love the green plastic chairs!

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