The compulsory pedicure

A very Hong Kong thing to do apparently, is to go for a foot massage. As the weather wasn’t good today, off we went to Gao’s Foot Massage and sat down in a room for three with a rose tea and a nice warm thing around your neck.
imageAniela and I just went for the foot massage and Daniel a pedicure; where they just scrape off all your hard skin – eurgh!! One look at my feet and the lady was very concerned at how hard they were. I did think they were looking quite good for me actually..! Once Daniel’s foot scrapy man had finished he turned round to me, and decided that it was my turn, and it wasn’t optional.
image He huffed and puffed as if it was the biggest job he’d ever had while Daniela thought it was hilarious!! Especially as I’d spent the whole time sneering at how disgusting Dan’s feet were – and mine were worse haha! Well who’s got the softest feet now!


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