Star ferry and the light show

We took the Star Ferry across to see the light show on Friday night – the night the level 3 typhoon warning had been hoisted! Was a bit rocky. But very nice to see all the buildings lit up…although I didn’t realise the light show had started.
IMG-20130621-WA0047 IMG-20130621-WA0040 IMG-20130621-WA0042 IMG-20130621-WA0045Wouldn’t really call it a show – a few lasers. By the time we got to the other side where all the crowds were, the music stopped and the show was over.
IMG-20130621-WA0054Oops! I did enjoy it from the boat though! Then we got the boat back over for dinner in a very nice place with the best Peking duck!
DSC_1430I was a bit upset that the poor ducks still have their heads on.. which they carve next to the table.

Had to try it though!


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