Great Wall at Mutianyu

Turned out to be a very nice day! Glad I didn’t try to go in the rain – that wouldn’t have been fun. Decided to go to the Mutianyu section as I read it was one of the nicest with the least amount of tourists. Definitely had amazing views but still quite a few tourists from all around the world. I went by public bus number 916 from Dongzhimen station rather than take the tourist bus at either 7am or 8am eek. Wasn’t too difficult! The bus was Β£1 but only went to Huairou where there were taxis for the final 30km and if you say no..a mini bus for a quarter of the price. Drove towards the mountains and the sun came out..


He drove us right to the entrance past the souvenir stalls and directed me to the cable car..the only words he seemed to know in English! Must be on commission. Up up up and there it was!!


Got to the top and wow!!! Amazing view across the mountains – even if the wall wasn’t there it would still have been lovely. You could walk left, or to the right which took you to another cable car to get back down. Decided to walk left first as I overheard a guide say it was better, but found way too many exhausted Americans at the first tower “go ahead you guys – be proud of me I made it this far” this was after 5 minutes lol.


Loved the views across the mountains..



Went back the other way, which was even nicer and seemed to all be downhill..



Until it wasn’t anymore .. and had to walk back up! It is very steep with huge steps at the towers.


At the second cable car there is a toboggan ride back down.. Had to do it!
toboggan great wall of chinaDid kind of make you forget you’d just walked on the Great Wall not been to a theme park but was cool!


Bus back to the city and onto Shanghai…!


One response to “Great Wall at Mutianyu

  1. Oh! Wow! You are the only person that I know who has been to
    The Wall! And got a really good photo of it, didn’t realise it was so hilly? How did the toboggan thing work? Did you sit on or in something? Was the cable car as scary as the one in St Anton?
    Just a little bit of a tourist for a day?

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