Rain rain, go away!

What to do in Beijing on a rainy day?!


Hmm..or go to the pearl market!


Another indoor market on 4 floors but this time it was open plan not little shops, and a lot more foreign tourists. Even saw the Dutch man off the train! The bag and shoe ladies on the first floor were very aggressive..shoving trainers at you and shouting after you as you walked past. Good price or not, I dont like trainers!! Got upstairs to the pearls which was much calmer. And they actually started on a normal price much cheaper than I was expecting which was nice. I wanted everything but settled on these..


The shop I chose had me sit down with a free bottle of water while he put the clip on my necklace, popped everything into pretty bags and let me try on all the rings and other necklaces. Ooh I do love a market 🙂 Early to bed for me..come rain or shine I’m going to the Wall tomorrow!


One response to “Rain rain, go away!

  1. Well the weather is not much better here in England. You will just have to buy one of those raincoats they all seem to have, love the pearls you have chosen

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