Crossing the Russian border into China

I’ve never known anything to take so long. We started the day as usual with the view out the window..


Nothing too exciting there. We made our final stop before the border at Борзя where all of the Russians seemed to get off the train.


It then wasn’t much longer until we got to the border at Забайкальск where we were kicked off the train so they could change the wheels (or whatever trains have) to fit the Chinese tracks which are closer together.


Here we can see China in the distance.  Забайкальск wasn’t the most exciting town to spend the day in. We found a cafe which was quite nice, and had some borsch while some Russian people were washing their lunch down with shots of vodka.


It was the first time I’ve seen living up to the stereotype. They left, then all of the other foreign people from the train showed up. Seven retirees from Holland, Germany, Canada and England..‘oh you’re from the train!!’ ‘We’re going to visit our son..he lives in Beijing..he’s a Mandarin speaker now..’ in their sturdy sandals and shorts. We followed them to the bakery and back to the waiting room as not to miss our train. We were eventually allowed back on, where we’ve now been waiting for ages.


They’ve checked our bags and our passports twice and we haven’t even started on the Chinese side yet. I thought I’d send this post now, as I probably won’t get internet on the other side.


See you in China!


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