Leaving for China

I’ve just had my first night on the train. It’s much nicer than I thought it would be, after hearing all of the horror stories the Russians have been telling me. When I’ve told someone from Europe that I’m taking the train they think I’m really cool, when I tell someone from Russia they think I’m crazy. Maybe they’re just more direct; they don’t seem to mind telling me how awful/uncomfortable/dangerous it was going to be. We have a tiny compartment with four beds; two up, two down, a TV which doesn’t seem to work and a big mirror. So far it’s just me and the Chinese boy.


I have a comfy bed with a squishy pillow, and nice white sheets were delivered last night by the conductor man. No exciting pictures yet, just lots of trees out the window, but tomorrow we’ll see Lake Baikal, and the Chinese boy’s going to buy some fish.

Yesterday was a busy day. I had to pack everything I own before going to the theatre all day for our school end of year production. It was quite good actually, some of the children performed singing and dancing, and one class did snow white and the seven dwarves in English which was really funny. Then us ‘foreigners’ as they like to call us, had to be reporters on the stage and read a speech…in Russian!


Here’s me, Ben (USA) and Rodolfo (Italia) before the show. Then at the end they announced the winners of the best student contest Ben and I had been examiners for last week. Next, they called all of the teachers up, and we got a rose. Some of the children ran onto the stage to give their teachers flowers if they liked them. After I walked through the hall and got asked to have my picture taken with hundreds of small children. It must be what it’s like to be famous!



Then we went to a bar and had champanski before collecting my suitcases and going to a cafe near the station to wait for my train at midnight. Kristina and Egor kindly popped me on the train making sure I was right to my compartment.


It’s always sad to say goodbye – everyone has been so nice here!


2 responses to “Leaving for China

  1. Another last day and goodbyes! You look well wrapped up at the station, wearing all your clothes again? The compartment looks fun! Did you manage to sleep?

    • No just chilly still! Yeh think so, was comfy but bit rocky obvs! Chinese boy is well prepared – extension cables gna watch a film lol!

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