Trans-Siberian Railway

Second stop was Krasnoyarsk..didn’t get up for the first. Walked up and down the platform. Such a huge train!



Got back on, had some food, read some of my book, watched a film, looked out the window..


..before stopping again at Elanskaya where the whole platform was lined with people selling food like I’d seen on the internet!


Mostly pancakes, potatoes, salads and meat etc. I have obviously been warned by the ever positive Russians never to eat this food or I’ll get ill. Will wait til I run out of my own supplies before I start buying platform food!


We’re not the only foreigners though..can spot them straight away before they speak lol, some speaking English and some speaking Austrian German (maybe) with their big cameras!! Haven’t seen many tourists in a long time!!


4 responses to “Trans-Siberian Railway

  1. can you imagine this in England? uncovered food for sale in the open? People allowed to just sell things on a railway station? What is thier food hygiene star rating? Ha Ha!! don’t eat it, I think for once your Russian friends are right.

  2. Haha, so typically Russian. It even happens at the major Moscow train stations — I can imagine how sketchy it is out there! Best of luck (on traveling and eating)!

  3. So now you are learning Chinese how more languages are you going to learn. I hope the fish does not stink out your carriage. Keep blogging it is wonderful to see the pictures and hear from you

    • Just to learn some essentials. Hello, how much? too expensive..Apparently I don’t need to know please!

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