Scavenger Hunt May

I’d dreamed of sunshine and May flowers…all I got was rain. Lots of rain.
And a day of snow. Snow in May! June please bring me some sun!!!

AQUA: new fountain in the centre
fountain lenina

FOUR chocolate cakes for two greedy girls :))

SOMETHING PATRIOTIC was the Victory Day parade on 9th May
parade russia

The DOOR to the most expensive restaurant in the cityla maison

SKYLINE across the river
river ob novosibirsk

MAP of Novosibirsk’s tiny Metro!! novosibirsk metro map

Tram LINESNovosibirsk Tram

The cat WASHING – didn’t manage anything more exciting!
cat washing

Novosibirsk’s FLAG
“Green — health, nature wealth of Siberia, white field — purity and snow of Siberia,
blue belt — River Ob’, on which the city is situated.”

Novosibirsk Flag

I’ve never seen so many BROKEN cars before – these were all captured on a 10 minute walk home.
Russians just cannot drive!
russian drivers

KEYS – no idea why these are here!


CONSTRUCTION – new swings!
novosibirsk park

Well..I’m starting my journey on the Tran-Siberian Railway to China on Monday, so expect some different photos in next months hunt – I hope some of the categories for June are ‘train’ and ‘something Chinese’ haha.

Until then, check out everyone else’s photos at Made With Love, and I look forward to all of your lovely comments 🙂


13 responses to “Scavenger Hunt May

  1. Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of keys, door and something patriotic. Can’t wait to see next months. Greenthumb

  2. Great photos… Wonderful fountain, sweet kitty, fantastic keys, and yummy chocolate cake! Really looking forward to photos of your up coming trip… Safe travels!

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