Just keep planning…

Two weeks to goooo! I’m nearly ready. I’ve got my train ticket into the country, flight tickets out of the country, some sun cream and a new toothpaste. And the all important visa. I’ve just got to get myself across China to Casa de Aniela and it’ll all be fine.
chinese visaI’ve also been spending quite a lot of time deciding where to go. My route has gone from Beijing-Shanghai-Xi’an-Chendu-Guilin-Guangzhou-Hong Kong to just my original Beijing-Shanghai-Hong Kong when I remembered I’ve only got a week and I don’t like tourists. I might throw in a trip to some place off the map called Wuyishan for a ride down the river on a bamboo raft and green tea shopping – but we’ll have to see…
chinaI’ve also spent a long time trying to book a hostel for Beijing – but can I choose one. They all sound better than the last, then I read the reviews and they all sound worse than the last. I haven’t even looked at Shanghai yet. I think my main worry is not speaking Chinese, and that the Chinese have blocked Facebook. And every other website I use. ‘Hmm it’s ok I can email’, nope they blocked Gmail – ‘hmm it’s ok I’ll just blog..’ nope they blocked WordPress. We’ll just have to hope my Instagram works. I definitely don’t remember trying to plan so much when I last went away, and that was for 4 months.

keep-calm-and-eat-noodles-27 eek!


2 responses to “Just keep planning…

  1. Unfortunate you’re going to miss Xi’an, Chengdu and Guilin. I have family in Xi’an and I can say it’s a marvelous city with an incredibly vibrant tourist core. But I know you’ll love your trip wherever you go! Safe travels.

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