Love and Marriage ♥

Today was nice. We’re back on holiday! I worked on Monday and Tuesday, but been free today. Finally we’ve had a bit of sun, it was 21c and finally people were braving a t-shirt! Although some poor children were still bundled up in a hat and scarf!
russiansI went with Kristina for a nice Business Lanch in Perchini this afternoon, before walking down to the river. Everywhere we go, Kristina asks me if I’ve been there before, to which I apparently always say yes. I’ve been to most cafes, I know all the menus, all the schools…even taking me to her house, I’d been there lots of times before as she lives between 3 schools I often go to. It seems to have been her mission to find somewhere in the city where I haven’t been, so she was quite pleased with herself when we got under a railway bridge near the river and I said no! ‘Ahaa!’

We sat on a bench and watched a group of German tourists (tourists in Novosibirsk!!!), some people roller blading, and some people walk past in really bad clothes – I think my fave hobby is people watching! Before seeing a bride and groom get out of a car to take pictures.
river obWhat a ‘beautiful’ place to take photos, you might be thinking.. but it turns out to be a lovely tradition for Russian weddings. The bride and groom come to a bridge to attach a padlock with their names and wedding date to it, and then throw away the key to symbolise the everlastingness of their marriage.  And there were hundreds of them.
wedding padlocksI think they look quite pretty, but I just read a post about some cities cutting them off, as they are making the bridges look ugly covered in thousands of rusty padlocks! I find these discoveries quite fascinating, especially as I’ve spent hours having conversations about traditions, celebrations and holidays with different students, and they never mention anything interesting. I’ve come to the conclusion that they just don’t realise it’s different in other countries so they don’t mention it.
russian padlocks weddingAfter Easter I asked each class what they did the day before. All I got was, ‘play computer games’, ‘sleep’. I even asked, and what did you eat..? ‘Chicken’, ‘chips’. Okay… and did you eat any eggs?! ‘Ohhh yes, yes of course it was Easter!’ 

I’ll just find out for myself then!


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