Easter in Russia

Yesterday morning I walked into the kitchen, where the excitement could only be described as a bit like Christmas. There was something cooking in various pans on each ring on the hob, stuff covering every surface of the kitchen and an egg decorating factory on the table.
russian easter eggsFirst the eggs were hard boiled. Then they were soaked in various jars of coloured water. Last they were covered in plastic patterned sleeves, and popped back in water so they shrunk to the size of the egg.  Or some were just decorated with stickers. It was so nice to see something a little more traditional than the supermarket shelves stacked with the over-packaged, chocolate eggs we get at home and they do look pretty.
eggsLast night I heard lots of noise in the kitchen again, as we were busy preparing a huge salad – Russian style of course. This morning I was invited to a brunch of eggs, salad & bread, along with an Easter Cake which I’d noticed in all the shops this week. It was more bread-like than cake, but sweet with raisins, and topped with white icing and hundreds and thousands.
russian easter cakeFirst a candle was lit on the cake, and we wished each other a Happy Easter. I was wondering if the beautiful eggs were just for decoration, but no, we do eat them. A bit like pulling crackers, we had to hold an egg, then hit each others eggs to break them. I think the aim was to break the other person’s egg with yours, not break your own – I failed.
easter lunch

Happy Easter – again!!


5 responses to “Easter in Russia

  1. Wow, you really went all out. I bought a pretty kulich (that tasted terrible) and that was about it.

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