May Day

NULVbDE3BwM May Day or ‘International Worker’s Day’ is a holiday celebrated in Novosibirsk with a nice day off. Or lots of days off. The schools here are closed for 3 days this week, and two next week as we have Easter and Victory Day coming up too. The only exciting things I noticed today were a concert outside the Opera and Ballet Theatre, a Babushka selling flags, and a demonstration of some kind which I missed.. I just saw lots of people coming into the Metro with signs. PicMonkey CollageI spent most of my day off relaxing, before deciding it would be a good idea to go to Aura; the biggest shopping centre in the city. I soon realised it wasn’t the best day to have chosen. I’ve never seen it so busy. Queues for the changing rooms. Nowhere to sit in the food court. It was like shopping in England all over again..phewww.  I did have a very successful shopping trip however, I got a dress for a wedding, a skirt for Dubai, some tops for summer – and had some cocktails with Kristina who took photos of me all the way home.
ploshad lenina

Home time.


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