April *snow* brings forth May flowers…

So I started this month’s Scavenger Hunt with no clue what to do for some of the categories, and ended the month with far too many pictures to choose from! Here’s what I came up with..for Pink, Six, My City, Sport, Night Light, Something You Collect, Big, Dinner, Texture, Curl, Take Off and Plastic.

My favourite colour is PINK! And this is how I painted my nails at the start of the month.

1. Pink

SIX domes on top of this Russian Orthodox Church
(if we don’t count the ones behind..!)
russian church

MY CITY centre

My first ever night at the hockey #SPORTfansport

It doesn’t get dark until 9pm at the moment so I had to go on a special,
Scavenger-Hunt-Geek’s evening walk for these ones of NIGHT LIGHT!
novosibirsk night light

I think the only thing I COLLECT is fridge magnets. It’s a family collection.
If you go somewhere, you’re expected to return with a magnet.
These are mine, from the places I’ve lived.
Something you collect
A BIG statue of Lenin; watching out over his Square, in front of the
BIGgest Opera and Ballet Theatre in Russia #ПлощадьЛенина
lenin square

Which photo of my DINNER to choose.. I always take pics of my food!

I wondered what the strange smell was when I walked in one of my classrooms, before realising the walls had been wallpapered with this lovely TEXTUREd newspaper design.

Sleepy cat CURLed up on my bed


London just after TAKE OFF when I flew back to Russia after Christmas.
Not the best pic but you can see the Millennium Dome in the middle!!

Take off
PLASTIC trucks seem to be Siberia’s must-have accessory this spring!

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s pics at Made with Love!


13 responses to “April *snow* brings forth May flowers…

  1. love your photos of Novosibirsk, I can’t quite imagine what it is like there, but am beginning to see. What a lot of cables in the sky, I think England used to be like that, but now they have put them all underground. Obviously don’t do a lot of wallpapering there or they would have matched the pattern!

  2. Thanks for taking part in the scavenger hunt, I really enjoy looking at your photos. This month I like your photos of 6, texture and plastic. Greenthumb

  3. Love the picture of London at night, I’m not brave enough to look out of the window when flying. Great photos and thanks for your comment on mine.

  4. Great photos. Fascinating to see photos from a part of the world I haven’t visited. Thank you so much for sharing them.


  5. What a great wallpaper. That last photo made me smile, my son used to have a plastic truck which he pulled along when he was a toddler.

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