The Curse of the Traveller

Feel like I haven’t blogged in ages – been busy losing my voice, getting better and becoming an expert on how to apply for visas around the world. Quite exhausting.  Big news this week. My little brother is going to become a traveller like me 😉 After lots of hunting he finally got his internship in New York (amazing!) and I’m sooo excited for him.

But..has anyone heard of the Curse of the Traveller?!

The more places you see, the more things you see that appeal to you, but no one place has them all. In fact, each place has a smaller and smaller percentage of the things you love. It drives you, even subconsciously, to keep looking, for a place that’s “just right for you.”
And the more you travel, the more people you meet and the more diffused your time is with any of them. Since all these people can’t travel with you, it becomes more and more difficult to cultivate long term relationships. Yet you keep traveling, and keep meeting amazing people, so it feels fulfilling, but eventually, you miss them all, and many have all but forgotten who you are.

Pah I don’t believe it. I’ve never been searching for a perfect place, maybe just something more and more different to what I’ve seen before. But the second part is something I’ve often thought about since starting uni..the more places you go, the more people you meet, but then the more people you have to miss..but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Having friends all around the world definitely has it’s benefits. Searching for flights home from Hong Kong this week, I found the cheapest way was with STA Travel as an under 26 year old, for about £320 with three hour stopover in Dubai. ‘Hmm..’ I thought. ‘I wonder how much a few days in Dubai would be…’ I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw it was about £60 cheaper! A much nicer way to go.. Emailed my friend I met in Cuba; who was off to the UAE to teach, to see if she was still there…oh yeh..she lives in Abu Dhabi and I can go stay :)))) soooo very excited !!
31Now I just need to sort out my visa. And my brother’s… Why do they make it so very difficult, and soooo very expensive?!
i'm in love with cities i've never been to and people i've never met


One response to “The Curse of the Traveller

  1. What an exciting time you are having preparing for the next stage of your travels. You will love Dubia but it is expensive. Each street in the centre is dedicated to one speciality eg spices /materials/ gold. Actually I think you should avoid the gold bit pricy all items sold by weight. Excellent news about Jad I am sure he will love NY

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