Got my ticket!

Since Christmas I’ve been thinking about my next trip – taking the Trans Siberian Railway to China at the beginning of June once the schools have broken up for summer. It wasn’t until Tuesday when we had the first real day of spring , and I was sitting at Ploshad Lenina enjoying the sunshine, that I suddenly realised it was less than 2 months until the end of May and I should really start planning!
novosibirsk train stationOff I went to the station to find out the prices and dates etc. Got there, and it was a very big hall, all very Russian, and lots of booths where you have to talk to the lady through a microphone behind the glass. I had no clue who I should speak to to get any information, what I would even try and say shout through the glass, and all the booth ladies looked too old to speak any English. So I got Kristina to come and help me! Turns out it would cost 14.000 rubles (Β£280), take four days(!) and leave on Monday nights. Cool!
novosibirsk railwayWell we went back yesterday, after spending the last 2 days and nights reading all the blogs online/losing my voice and I bought my ticket to Beijing aka ‘Pekin’ πŸ™‚ very exciting. I’m on the bottom bunk in the four bunk compartment which is apparently a good spot as you’re next to the table – whatever that means!

train ticket trans siberian railwayI now realise that getting the ticket was the easy part. I’ve got lots and lots of planning to do so that I can apply for my visa…I need a PA!!!!
let the journey begin...


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