Hacking up the snow

DSC_0124I thought I got away with this sneaky picture, but zooming in it seems they spotted me..oops! Now the snows melting I thought people would have stopped shovelling snow, but they’re at it more than ever. I keep walking past big groups of people just hitting the snow piled up at the side of the road with their spades. I don’t know if it helps it melt quicker or what..maybe they’re just very impatient for spring!! I like this picture though, shows the real Novosibirsk I think. It’s just outside of a school, in a suburb of the city, a big open space surrounded by huge, ugly blocks of flats.


3 responses to “Hacking up the snow

  1. Funny, you’re so far away from me in Novosibirsk, but I can look out the window and see the same exact picture. Oh, the former USSR…

    • Ha so strange! I wonder if the schools look the same where you are too..a lot of the ones I go to are exactly the same inside. Sometimes I walk in and get really confused whether I’ve been there before or not, yet I know exactly where the to find the canteen!

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