Three days in the woods in a Russian kid’s camp without internet can only be described as a cross between guide camp and prison. However, with the last full day tomorrow, the sudden reappearance of my mobile internet, and afternoon nap time I think I am starting to enjoy it – just a little.
2013-03-25 12.59.18And the best news is, it has done wonders for my Russian. Kristina called me tonight, and I would say that 80% of our conversation was in Russian – thank you Russian children for insisting they teach me Russian after our English class 😉 Obviously this is not what one would expect from an English Camp – that the teacher goes home learning more than the children, but everything happens in Russian. I really thought they would do it all in English, but the only time they really speak English is in the 90 minutes of classes they have each day. I try to speak to them as much as I can but the rest is a few chants they do. If it’s time to go somewhere they shout ‘EVERYBODY TO THE LUNCH/DINNER/STREET’. When we get outside the lunch we hold our arms like a crocodile and shout ‘COME TO US AND STAY WITH US, UNICAMP THE HIGHEST CLASS’ *clapclapclap wooo*. Before we eat, the leaders shout ‘ENJOY YOUR MEAL CHILDREN OF UNICAMP’ and the children shout back ‘THANK YOU, ENJOY YOUR MEAL LEADERS OF UNICAMP’ and we sit down and eat. It’s all very odd.
2013-03-25 13.30.16Apart from the English lessons I really don’t understand what they like about it – there’s nothing to do here. No archery, no wall climbing, no swimming. It’s just our group living in 5 rooms and a lounge, playing dress up, acting and doing awful dances to a Unicamp cover of Sk8er Boy – Avril Lavigne. We don’t even have classrooms. Which is quite nice actually. I’ve been teaching in socks and leggings, dancing to ‘if you’re happy and you know it‘, playing games like ladders, performing role plays and lying on the floor drawing monsters.
2013-03-26 11.56.04And the best parts are; I get to plait the girls’ hair every morning, and there is an amazing disco every night. They don’t even play cheesy disco songs, they play Russian house with strobe lighting and BASS.
2013-03-26 17.46.06


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