St. Patrick’s Day

Sunday was a busy day. As well as snowboarding in the morning, I went with Kristina to the Irish Pub to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the evening. I managed to  book the very last two seats on Friday after work, and had to pay a deposit, so knew it would be busy! Kristina was very excited when I mentioned we should go, and loved that it looked like a real ‘British pub’!
OKrzxa_3VsgThe Russians were loving it. We declined our free shots of ‘Vissky’ when we arrived, there was the same band as when I last went, but a lot more people, all drinking beer – and I only saw one pot of tea. I’m not sure they really knew what they were celebrating – some people told me the idea just seems exotic!
russian girls

guinness cheers


3 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day

  1. We went to a st Patrick’s day entertainment at the manifest, Debbie Millais girls did tap dancing, some chap sang some Irish ballads and then a short play! It was very good, but didn’t se any Guiness!

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