Spring has sprung

I have been very optimistic this week about the arrival of ‘spring’ in Siberia. I got new shoes that can’t be worn in the snow, I’ve already started wearing dresses again, and I stopped wearing a hat a long time ago. Since the bad winds we had last week (which sent another lot of snow to England..soz!) we’ve had very mild weather. By mild I mean above -10c and I’m sure I’ve seen some blossom on a tree. Today it felt warm on my way to school. When I came out at 17:30, I was met with a mass snowball fight with hundreds of children climbing up and throwing snow at each other. Snow only sticks when it’s warm.
2013-03-14 17.33.58Walking back to the bus stop (with my hood up in case of snowballs,) I could tell it was above zero as my heels were sinking in the snow. When its cold it’s just like walking on concrete as it’s all so frozen. And look..water on the road.
siberian springWhen I got off the bus it was even raining. I know everyone thinks I’m crazy but I definitely prefer a cold, snowy winter to a ‘warm’ rainy one..! I hate having wet feet and the fear of forgetting your brolly. All of the shoe shops have got wellies in at the moment, I think I’m going to get some as there is a lot of snow which is going to melt soon, we hope, and I’m not ruining my new spring boots 😉
hello spring


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