Discovering the Business Lanch

I love the cafés in Novosibirsk anyway, but they just keep on getting better. They’re comfortable, they stay open until midnight, they have table service, free wifi, and big pots of tea, which they refill when you ask. But…they are quite expensive. Most places charge about £3+ for a pot of tea, and £4-£5 for a sandwich, small pasta or even cake, so sometimes I just order a cookie so I can Skype Liz.

Recently I have discovered the extra menu you get if you visit during the afternoon on weekdays..named ‘Business Lanch’.

2013-03-06 13.25.43If you double the prices you get what it is in pounds. So 49₽ is £1. Tea for £1, Salad for £1 and Pasta Carbonara for £2. Amazing. That’s what I’d usually pay for tea and a cookie.

travelers coffeeI got the giggles taking this picture though, after seeing this:
instagram is down
I liked taking pictures of food waaaay before Instagram 😉


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