Scavenger Hunt February 2013

Here we go!!! Some more photos of my life in Snowy Siberia. I do like this challenge as it makes me look around more!

This month the categories were: Red, 14, A Kiss, Something Heart Shaped, Something Found No Where Else, Frozen, Park Bench, Glass, Shopping Trolley, A Shadow, Breakfast and a Bus.

RED heart balloon in the street on Valentine’s Day
valentines day russia

Titova Street – where I spent most of the week between 3 schools

street sign russia

snow swans

left on the snow after Valentine’s Day
hearts snow

Crab flavoured crisps are SOMETHING FOUND NO WHERE ELSE??
russian crisps

This man’s job is to hack up the FROZEN ice on the street
ice path russia

Snow on the PARK BENCH
park bench russia

A message on the GLASS window of a pub

free beer tomorrow

An old lady’s SHOPPING TROLLEY with red scarf
shopping trolley

My SHADOW as I took a photo of someone feeding pigeons.
2012-12-05 15.05.27

Birds eating BREAKFAST every time I come for Russian lesson

The 1150 BUS on Krasny Prospekt
Russian Bus

Made With Love


8 responses to “Scavenger Hunt February 2013

  1. Love seeing your photos. They are all so snowy! I keep forgeting that you have snow all the time! Do they really eat crab crisps? eughh bet they smell horrible!

    • Lol I didn’t realise that so many of my photos have snow in them..I suppose I’m used to it. And yes, we have Sour Cream and Onion, Cheese or Crab flavour basically. I think it’s similar to the pink ones at home – prawn or something?! I bought a selection as part of a quiz I did in class one day – one round was guess the flavour of the crisps – “this is the best lesson ever” haha

  2. fantastic photos, I enjoyed seeing bits of Russia. I love the kissing swans and wow, crab flavoured crisps – I’ve never seen that before!

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