Monday night we went to the ‘hockey’. It’s not even called ‘ice hockey’ as normal hockey where you run isn’t real hockey – apparently. If you look at the box in the middle of the crowd, it’s full of men in suits, who are the teams officials and the mayor the city, who loves hockey so much he goes to every game.
hockey novosibirsk 25th novemberThe stadium was full. The crowd didn’t stop the entire game; stamping their feet, clapping, whistling and chanting SIBIR-SIBIR-SIBIR or NO-VO-SI-BIR. There was even a Mexican wave which went around the stadium three times with EVERYONE participating!!

novosibirsk hockey

It was very exciting.  This was just after they scored a goal:

Hockey has 3 ‘thirds’ I suppose. I thought this was strange to not have the game in an even number of parts, as one team has two goes at the same end…? Anyway we had time to take photos.

hockeyApparently the first third is just like a warm up, the second they try out new stuff, and then the third is when they really go for it.
P4EHez8nTNUAnd like America, they had cheerleaders dancing the whole game; two in each corner, and a load on a stage at the front who kept making pyramids.

One for the boys..

One for the boys..

Look at the happy Russians!
hockey novisibirsk4-1 to Sibir – hoorah!


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