День защитника Отечества

The 23rd February is a national holiday in Russia, with various translations; Defender of the Fatherland Day, Protector of the Motherland Day or just Men’s Day.  Women give presents to men; to celebrate those who fought in the army, who are fighting in the army, and who could potentially fight in the army. Basically any man.
23rd februaryI’ve been asking my students all week what this day is all about and have had mixed responses. Some say it’s very important, as they are celebrating those who will defend their country, and that they give presents to their Dads, Grandads, brothers and colleagues. The girls I spoke to yesterday told me that ‘Men Drink, Women Cook’ and that it was a stupid day, and they don’t like to celebrate it. I think their main reason was that they don’t get any presents. When I asked them about ‘Women’s Day’ on the 8th March their faces lit up, ‘Women Drink, Men Cook‘, and they get presents on this day.

I didn’t really notice anything different about today..I saw two men on the Metro with balloon flowers, and there was a photographer in the restaurant we went to tonight…

Practising my Russian Smile :-|

Practising my Russian Smile 😐


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