You learn something new..sometimes!

I think this quote explains life in Russia quite well…
quoteI always feel like telling people who try to hand me leaflets in the street,

“Oh, sorry, I would love to take your leaflet, but there’s really no point as I can’t read!”

Learning Russian definitely reminds me of learning to read aged 5. The time when you would read words slowly, sounding them out.. “C-Ah-T  oh, cat.”  This is how I read Russian. Some words I now recognise and can say them immediately, but others I have to sound them out…slowly! A lot of Russian words are actually English, but of course you don’t realise until you sound them out!

Take “бизнесмен”

The б is ‘-b’. и is ‘-ee’. з is ‘-zz’. н is ‘-n’. е is ‘-eh’. с is ‘-ss’ and м is ‘-m’.


Did you get it?!

Although I don’t know what he’s on about crossing the road endangering your life – surely once you’ve seen one road you kinda know how most of them work. Technique in Siberia seems to be: if there’s no crossing you have to walk out and the cars will patiently stop for you. If you’re at a crossing you have to shuffle across the road as quickly as you can before the green man turns red, and the cars drive at you! Or is he talking about the times when you completely forget to look the other way!

king of the road

King of the Road ♫


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