A Brilliant Student

Yep that’s me!! Ha. Signed up for private lessons at another language school and had my first one this morning. My new teacher is Natalya. She is very nice, speaks good English and tells me I’m brilliant – in Russian. We moved so fast she had to photocopy more pages from the book for me, and she says I have a good accent.

People are always so nice in Siberia. The other Natalia – the director of the school who I had been emailing, came and collected me this morning on her way to the office so I wouldn’t get lost, and had printed a map for me so I could find the way back to the Metro! She obviously didn’t know that I often navigate to new schools all by myself on the bus!!!!

My new Russian school has a no shoes indoors policy. I know in Russia it is customary to take your shoes off if you go into someone’s home, but this is the first time I have seen it in an office or school. We had to take our shoes off as we got in the door and then wear these ridiculous plastic slippers.Β They were lucky I’d chosen to wear matching socks today!
plastic slippers

Still can’t decide if it would have been better to have had Russian lessons from the beginning, or to do what I did – learn as I went and then started classes, as I have picked up A LOT from hearing it in English classes and using it in cafΓ©s and shops. Knowing a bit already means that I am learning quite quickly as a lot is already in my head. If I’d have started classes from the beginning I suppose I would still have struggled to remember everything, and I wouldn’t have had the ‘accent’ although I could have practised what I learnt earlier on..!
HmmIn other news, the price of the Metro has rocketed overnight without any warning – to my limited knowledge. Yesterday it was 15 rubles (30p). Today it’s 18 rubles (36p). Shocking. I do think a 20% increase is quite a lot!
metro novosibirskThis is the machine where you buy a ticket. A ticket is bronze looking coin which you put into the barrier. The barriers are always open but will close on you if you try to walk through without a ticket which is always quite scary.
2013-03-08 16.36.38I’d have stocked up on 15 ruble coins if only I’d known…



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