And I didn’t listen…

…to my own advice when I went out this morning. Looked so lovely and sunny outside, so I didn’t check the temperature or take a hat, scarf or gloves. And of course all of yesterday’s slush had turned into solid, slippery ice.
I saw a car stuck in this icy ditch in the road on the way out..
Siberian RoadIt took me double the time as usual to get to yoga (sounds like I’ve been more than once!) as I was taking such small steps trying not to fall over, wondering how cold it was. You can usually tell the temperature with the following questions:

1. Is it possible to check Facebook on my phone whilst walking along?
2. Does my face hurt without a scarf?
3. Is the snow actually ice?
4. Do I wish I put leggings on under my jeans?
5. Are my eyelashes frozen?

A yes to all 5 means it’s -30°C – -40°C. A yes to the first 3 means its about -15°C and a surprising no to all of them means it’s -5°C – +3°C!

As predicted it was -13°C today. How can it change so suddenly!

Went to a ‘British’ Themed Bar last night with Yulia, Misha and Damira called ‘People’s’. Was very nice, had some mojitos and a chocolate fondant for pudding!
Chocolate FondantAlthough I would say it was more American themed than British. The only thing British was the staff had Union Jacks on their T-Shirts, and apparently there’s a Red Phone Box upstairs, but I didn’t see it. They did make a good chocolate fondant though..and we even had to wait 15 mins or whatever so you know it was a real one.
keep calm and love the british


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