Siberian Breakfast

“Alica, Alica, can I use your toaster?!” I got asked this morning. “Yes, of course.” “Alica, Alica…how do I use it?!”

There was a big fascination, as I explained to cut the bread quite thin, and then just push down..and wait for it to pop.
The Travelling Toaster

I bought my toaster on a visit home from Germany in 2009, after finding that grilling toast every morning in the five minutes before I leave for work takes far too long, then it burns in the 10 seconds you look away. In Russia we don’t even have a grill, so six weeks of chocolate spread on bread was enough.

I do like my chocolate spread on toast for breakfast, but Nastya didn’t look impressed with my choice, shaking her head muttering “Nutella”. She fried me some egg and ham to have with more toast, and then made me eat ‘milk soup’.

2013-01-20 11.23.06I imagine milk soup is made from boiling milk with spaghetti and sugar. Bleughhh. She told me I had to eat it to stay warm in the Siberian winter..

tea or coffee

and Nutella or Milk Soup…


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